Catherine Haley Epstein
Artist | Writer | Scent Maker


Writing is an integral part of my Work and Practice. PLease check out my book “NOSE DIVE” I just published, as well as for an ongoing dose of what it inspiring me and what I think deserves a long think. this is a platform I founded in 2012, where I write frequently about contemporary art, ideas, books and practice. It's written in a conversational tone, so we can all be on the same page about the power of art, its interdisciplinary power and its relevance to our lives.

I received a writing prize, the Perfumed Plume Award in 2017 for my writing about scent as an art medium. Check it out on Temporary Art Review. I was also nominated in 2018 for a piece I did on scent and copyright. I am a contributor at Aromatica Poetica, where I recently wrote a review on my trip as a guest speaker at the niche fragrance conference esxcense in milan in the spring of 2019.